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Cosplay is one of the most expressive and daring ways for fans to show their love for specific fictional characters, and particularly for this site, Lara Croft

Below I have started creating a list of some of these fans...



Jerri Kay Walthew

"Tomb Raider was the first game I ever bought on my PlayStation 1 back in the 90's! I've loved it ever since...
Not only do I love the games but Lara as a character means so much to me; I've always looked up to her
She's strong, she does what she wants and she has fun whilst doing it. She doesnt let anyone walk all over her."



Visit her Facebook page, Choupett Cosplay, to see more of her work 

(Photo courtesy of Darren Rowley)



Carla Lemley

"My life has been changed forever by Lara, her confidence ,smarts and adventures have touched my heart and shown me that anything can be achieved as long as you dream it

I was introduced to the idea [of cosplay] by my dad who in jest said "you look like this girl in the demo ! I think you'll like this game " not knowing I was investing myself into the most beautiful and most amazing series of games to ever come across. I browsed through look alike pages and studied them,I also lurked the initial Cosplay.com pages for help,and little by little started my own costuming adventure.

Lara means a world of possibilities,of learning experiences and if growth,she's been my biggest influence in life,someone strong to look to when in doubt,someone to find the beautiful relics of the past with...in short she's inspired me to love many things"

Visit Carla's Facebook page, Pinky Cosplay for more of her work





Rachel Church

"I got in to cosplay in 2008 with some friends, I instantly got hooked and then started to make my own costumes the following year! I chose to cosplay Lara Croft because she is my biggest inspiration in life. She wants something, she goes out and gets it. She's strong and independent, Lara teaches me to be persistent and assertive. When ever I'm on a downer or when ever I'm unsure of myself - I think of Lara. I want to be her! So I like to think my cosplay is my little tribute to the woman who is my biggest idol. I've been a fan since 1996, I'd watch my step-dad play them, and I'm an even bigger fan 17 years later!"


You can visit Rachel's Facebook page, Athora Cosplay, to see more of her work

(Photo courtesy of Joshua Andrew Potter)

















Laura Dennis

I played my first Tomb Raider game, "The Last Revelation" on the Sega Dreamcast when I was six years old. Lara immediately became an icon for me: she's strong, determined, intelligent and gorgeous!

The first time I dressed as Lara was for the last day of school, we had a 'fancy dress day' so I bought the official anniversary costume. People were very complimentary and it was a good feeling. Four years later when I got to Uni, I took that costume to the beach for fun to take some pics. I posted them on Facebook and I was discovered by some great cosplayers! I knew I wanted to make my own costumes and the girls at Lara Croft Cosplay.com helped me immensely, giving me the confidence and inspiration to get started. Special thanks go to Athora Cosplay, Jenn Croft and Sara LaRochelle.


If you want to see more of Laura's work, visit her facebook page, Setsuna-Lily Cosplay


















Angel Croft

"I first played tomb raider in 1996 & from that moment I was hooked!. What I loved about the game was everything really, story, game-play, graphics, music and most of all Lara. She represents a strong female character & I see her as my idol ... I started to cosplay as Lara soon after playing the 1st game. I put together the classic outfit from a top & shorts & then made the gun belt from old materials, and that was the start of my hobby..."


Visit Angel's Facebook page and her website, Miss Lara Croft Web










If any other fans want me to post their own photos here, then please get in touch, either via this site's feedback page, or the forum, or facebook.






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